Mai 5-7, 2023: FORSCHA

The Helmholtz Munich communications department together with the Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI; GLUMON coordinator) organized a joint participation and booth at the FORSCHA – Münchner Wissenschaftstage. This fair lasted three days (May 5-7, 2023) in the city center of Munich, hosted at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrzentrum – Transport Museum. The event was free-of-charge for visitors and attracted around 8000 participants. Visitors of all ages could explore science and research.

At our booth, the communications department prepared a game where children could sort food and beverages according to sugar content in relation to diabetes awareness and prevention. Additionally, children and families could dress up as scientists and take pictures on the HMGU wall.

IBMI showcased and explained on a poster and flyers biomedical imaging, in particular optoacoustic imaging and sensing. GLUMON was prominently featured on the materials and was represented by staff at the fair. The combination of both approaches attracted adult individuals and children alike, where adults were mostly interested in our research, while children attended the game. Additionally, the “sugar-content-game” and the diabetes information distributed by the communications department was an excellent match for the GLUMON project explanations.

We engaged with several visitors about our research, distributing around 200 flyers covering GLUMON and other EU funded projects. We also distributed 50 frisbees (made from ocean plastic) with a sticker showing EU project logos such as from GLUMON, the EU funding logo, and the link to the IBMI website where the projects are showcased and linked. The event was very successful, and we are considering taking part again next year.